Witches Heal the World!

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How many of you are blinded by what you believe? Do you live a lie to find truth? Do you plunder everything you own to find wealth? How many times to we catastrophize only to see the blessings before us? Have you learnt from all you have lost? How many times will you do it to yourself, betray yourself or lose yourself, your esteem, your personal power? How many times have you found only to be lost? You have calculated time and time again, pressed the buttons and the equation remains: What are you really looking for in life? To lead or to follow? To fall or to rise?

We are crowned in a glorious light that knows no bounds. It is unlimited, strengthened by love and unity. Surround yourself now and feel the love and blessings that arrive, that shoulder you and cradle you. Swim and be divine! Sing…

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3 Responses to Shine!

  1. chris jensen says:

    Me darling! i just

    want to be left alone…

    And to only have my rightful, possessions ….

    Would that be too, much?

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