Invoking, And Banishing The Pentagram


Wolf Of Antimony Occultism


Invoking, and banishing the pentagram is a technique in which you invoke, or banish the elemental energies through a process of drawing the pentagram in certain ways in the air. This technique can be and is used in other rituals. This technique can also be used by itself in various different ways depending on what element you are invoking, or banishing. These uses range from drawing a banishing earth pentagram to banish unwanted spirits, to drawing an invoking fire pentagram to charge items with energy. Though in the beginning is pretty confusing learning which point to start out in the pentagram as long as you stick with it, and stay focused you will eventually learn the correct way to invoke, and banish the pentagram.

The way you usually use all of these invoking, and banishing pentagrams is by drawing them in the air in front of you in the specific…

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