Folklore has it that when the Witch and the Cat work together the Magick they Conjure is extremely powerful

Together they know instinctively that they were meant to bond into a lifelong allianceYes…they both possess a Mysterious air about them

Linked by all matters of the Occult

The Mischievous Cat has been known to do the Witch’s bidding

Deeply connected to each other makes their Magick workEntwined with similar Characteristics both are

IndependentCAT SPELLS

Bond with your Cat Spell

You will need

3 brown candles

Dried Herbs of

Catnip: bonding
Vervain: peace
Gardenia: spirituality
Saffron: strength
Passion Flower: friendship

Mix the herbs and place in a metal bowl to burn as incense

Once mixed…place yourself and your Cat in the same room and close the door to the Spell so the Cat does not leave the room

Light the 3 brown candles with you and your Cat in mind

Then light the herbs and let the smoke fill the Air around you and your Cat

Interact with your Cat

Allow the herbs to burn themselves out and the candles burn down to their wicksBack in time some people actually believed that Cats were Witches in disguise!

Be aware when your Cat leaves you a gift

Such as Cat


That you will find in the house usually on the floor right under your nose

This is a natural process for Cats to rid themselves of the olde to reveal the

Newer and Sharper parts of its body

When you find one put it in a glass jar with a lid til you need to use it in your SpellWork

WHISKERS: used to avoid accidents or other mishaps in life

Placed in your vehicle glove box or console

CLAWS: used in Spells to help you climb out of a difficult situation

To climb and claw your way to the topHAIR: used in Spells to


To keep your Cat


You will need

1 red candle (strength and love)
1 green candle (abundance and goodness)
1 black candle (release negativity)


7 drops lavender
7 drops camphor
7 drops rosemary

1/2 oz jojoba jojoba oil

Blend the oils together in a bowl

Anoint all 3 candles from the bottom of the candles to the top

Put the candles in holders

Place the green candle between the red and black candles

You will also need 13 stones or crystals associated with healing and make a ring around the candlesAs you light each candle visualize

From the red candle it shall bring strength of will to your Cat

The black candle pushing any and all negativity that surrounds your Cat out and away

The green candle to bring good health and many happy days to your beloved pet and most trusted companion

Let the candles burn for around an hour or so then snuff them out to relight them everyday or every night til they have burned themselves down to the wickOne day last summer I first saw him

He sort of moved in

Not actually inside my house but rather what I think he started to live under my front porch

He was


So I let him be

Of course I fed him my delicious homemade Spell Bound morsels of Catnip and Fish

In which he could not resistThe Spell took a bit of time as they always do but yes indeed the Spell work famously and he began to rub up against my legs

Was he now my friend or was he hinting around for more of my very special Cat mix?


If your Cat wears a collar hook onto it a Lucky Charm to keep the Cat safe

Whatever you like

You can also attach the Charm to a small link chain like a necklace for the Cat to adorn about in its marvelous day and nights of adventureTheir nocturnal nature to roam in the perils of the night give way to their

Unpredictable behavior

Secret hiding places

Sneaky movements

All essential ingredients for Magick

Then superstitions formed around these mysterious unusual creatures

As fear of a Black Cat crossing one’s path came into play they believed that

Bad Luck would come your way!

So the next time the MoonLight strikes look around for those tales of shadows that come from across the world and always beware of your surroundings for those creatures that lurk about are out to get you

…and PS: that Cat who decided to take up housekeeping under my front porch is now living very comfortably inside my house…my Secret blend never let’s me down ❀


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16 Responses to MOST UNUSUAL

  1. My husband claims that my black cat Barmalei is my familiar. I think he is right – the bond we have is incredible.

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      I don’t think I could live in my house without a Pet 😸😸😸

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      I have a Dog and a Cat

      The Dog named Sami had to be rehomed so I took her in she was 24 hrs away from going to the shelter

      Her original owners couldn’t find her a new home

      The Dog and Cat get along just great

      • That’s so wonderful! We just got a baby kitten 3 weeks ago who was a few minutes away from being sent to a pound! The twins, my “familiar” Barmalei and my husband’s girl Beba, are gradually getting used to having a tiny ball of energy in the house.

  2. Incredibly beautiful cats. Although I don’t have a cat living in my home the cats from my block hang out here, I feed them all every day and all except for one has a home. The homeless cat has been coming to visit me for 7 years.

  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    Most certainly is…

    Maybe your husband is just a bit jealous…😊

    Have a Beautiful Evening πŸ’œ

  4. Cats are special soulmates πŸ™‚ I love this post. Glad your kitty decided to move in.

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