What Do I Train My Dog and When?


Louisiana SPCA

 “I just got a 10 week old puppy. When do I start training?”

“We recently adopted an older dog. What class should we take?”

While training questions are usually about “How”, figuring out “What” and “When” can be just as confusing for dog owners with all the conflicting information around.

lil frankieDogs are capable of learning via positive reinforcement at any point in their lives, and training should be an on-going process for good behavior and enrichment

When:  The truth is you can really start training a dog at any phase in his life. Once he can take solid food and respond to your voice and gestures he is old enough, and then he can continue to learn new skills and manners for as long as he is still taking food and reacting to sounds or body language.  While we do take into consideration some aspects of breed (such as a…

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