Cinnamon: Looking at the Research


The Dancing Herbalist

While there are many wonderful herbs out there for many wonderful things, not all of them have modern scientific backing for their uses. Cinnamon is a superb herb for everything from lowering blood sugar and blood lipid content (that is fat), to preventing cancer. Ya, there is research showing it helps.

shutterstock_133083593I went searching for some of the good research and came across a review paper on cinnamon. When starting to look at research on herbs it is important to know the different kinds of scientific papers that are out there. A primary research article is what scientists want to see to prove an herb is doing something-the research done in a lab on people or animals. A review paper, that I am going to provide for you here, looks at a number of primary research articles and compares them to each other in attempts to draw some conclusions that…

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