Energy System Of The Arms, and Hands


Wolf Of Antimony Occultism

The energy centers in your arms are one of the most important secondary parts of our energy system. These centers are said to be extensions of your energetic heart center, allowing you to interact with the world through your spiritual connection, because of this all of them are very well connected to love, communication, connection, and healing. They’re wonderful centers that can be understood, and help with your magickal practice because of their abilities to direct, and to allow you to project, and receive energy.

Shoulder Energy Centers:

Element: Air

Location: Shoulder Blades

Color: Green, or White

Metaphysical Attributes: Strength, Will-power, Motivation, Freedom, Hopefulness, Desire, and Open to elevated learning.

If the shoulder energy centers are over activated a person will become very egotistical, full of themselves, and irresponsible.

If the shoulder energy centers are under activated, or blocked a person will be hopeless, unmotivated, feeling trapped, will have a…

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