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INCENSE And the various methods of using them to gain one’s objective LOTUS: a burning smoke for those that choose to live in a Dream World of Tranquility This Incense produces inactivity in one’s behavior causing a dreamy contentment and … Continue reading

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Gypsy Eyes

Originally posted on The Green Hour:
Gypsy Eyes Ingredients:  Green chartreuse rinse 1.5 oz Dry Gin 1/2 oz Aperol 1/2 oz Lime juice 1/2 oz Grapefruit juice 1/4 oz Simple syrup Instructions:  Shake gin, Aperol, lime, grapefruit and simple syrup…

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Invoking, And Banishing The Spiral

Originally posted on Wolf Of Antimony Occultism:
Invoking the spiral is a technique much like invoking the pentagram, except when you invoke the spiral you are invoking the energies of spirit. This technique is like opening a portal between worlds…

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Go to Sleep Tea

Originally posted on Luna and the Mountain:
Sometimes the nicest way to come down from a stressful day is a hot cup of herbal tea. Sitting quietly with a warm mug, and maybe lighting a candle or two, makes it…

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Release Tension Gel

Originally posted on Angel Remedy:
With Spring’s light breeze being overshadowed by Summer’s heavy rays, it can get a little hectic performing duties outside, especially in the Middle East’s strong heat. Our backs start aching, thumbs go numb, heat-stroke is…

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Originally posted on Good Witches Homestead:
STONE, CRYSTAL, OR METAL SYMBOLIC VALUE OR USE IN MAGICK AGATE strength, courage, longevity, gardening, love, healing, protection AGATE, BANDED bodily energy, ease stress AGATE, BLACK courage, successful competitions AGATE, BLACK & WHITE guards…

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