50 Magical Uses for Roses 


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Roses are one of the most common flowers around. They are widely adored, gifted often and grown in many places. If you’re anything like us – you might even have too much of them laying around. What to do with all these roses?

  1. Bathe in them to encourage beauty
  2. Carry them to attract love
  3. Add them to a sleep sachet to promote sweet dreams
  4. Make a rose massage bar to encourage love through touch
  5. Make magical rose water
  6. Candy the rose petals to give to a lover
  7. Use them to honor the Goddess Aphrodite
  8. Use them to honor the Goddess Isis
  9. Let them rot in spells to break up couples
  10. Use them to represent the planet Venus
  11. Use them to honor the Virgin Mary
  12. Use them as offerings to spirits of the dead
  13. Use them to represent The Goddess
  14. Use in a spell jar for attracting romance
  15. Use their thorns…

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