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It is not uncommon to do a Spell then decide that you want to take it back Maybe the Spell you Cast was not what you wanted after all You realized it was the wrong thing for you or for … Continue reading

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Immunity Boost: Spiced Rosehip Tea

Originally posted on learning to love herbs:
Rosehips are the fruit of the rose bush. If you’re like me, you are probably surprised to hear that roses even produce fruit. But indeed, they do. Also known as “haws” and “heps,”…

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Periwinkle the Magical Purple Healer

Originally posted on Gold 4 Ink:
Periwinkle is one of those plants that are pretty as flowers and taste great in teas. They grow wild in many backyards, such as my former North Carolina yard. I had a neighbor named Mason,…

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Ozark Encyclopedia – D – Dittany

Originally posted on Mountain Man Traditional Healing:
Dittany, Stone Mint – Cunila origanoides Parts used: leaf, flower Traditional uses: Related to Oregano and Marjoram and can be used in similar ways. As an infusion it’s good for colds and to…

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The Courage Stone: Chrysoprase

Originally posted on Good Witches Homestead:
The Greeks named this stone “golden bloom” due to the golden drops that seem to be contained in the stone. It was a valuable and much sought-after stone in the Middle Ages. Being a…

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Ace of Pentacles Money Clip

Originally posted on Amulets by Merlin's Blog:
An Amulet for your Money. A disk of two inches featuring a five point star framed with wood and vines. Each field colored with enamel and paint representing the elements: Red for…

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A Guide to Cleansing

Originally posted on eclectic witchcraft:
Cleansing is an integral part of witchcraft and many Pagan religions. It is a way to cleanse concentrate and protect one’s self, home, workplace or an object, such as jewellery or divination tools. There are…

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