A Guide to Cleansing


eclectic witchcraft

Cleansing is an integral part of witchcraft and many Pagan religions. It is a way to cleanse concentrate and protect one’s self, home, workplace or an object, such as jewellery or divination tools.

There are so many ways to cleanse, many more than I will outline here, however, these are my personal favourites.



Specifically, the smoke from a sage smudge stick. Sage is widely known for it’s cleansing and purifying qualities and makes it a go-to for many people when they need to clear a place or object of negativity.

To use a sage smudge stick, simply take you smudge stick and light the end, the same way you would incense. Ensure the smoke touches anything you want it to and that it moves around the space while making sure to catch the ashes in a heatproof bowl.

One thing to note about this method is that sage is…

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