It is not uncommon to do a Spell then decide that you want to take it back

Maybe the Spell you Cast was not what you wanted after all

You realized it was the wrong thing for you or for someone else

Even coming to learn the timing was off

Whatever your reason is here is how to Break a Spell you have already Cast

Or a Spell someone has Conjured on you that you want to release from your beingYou must be very dedicated to accomplishing this

It is not difficult but you will need strong thoughts steady hand and a determined will

You will need:

1 black candle
1 black bowl
9oz rain water
9oz salt

To figure an ounce easily measure it out in a shot glass

Also use a Black Candle that is taller then the Bowl once it sits inside of it above the rim of the Bowl

With the Black Candle lit drip wax into the bottom of the Black Bowl to affix the Candle to it

Once you have a puddle of wax in the Bowl put the Candle right in the middle of it and give it a minute or 2 for the wax to dry and hardenAs the Candle stands straight up in the Bowl fill the Bowl to its rim with the Rain Water without getting the Wick wet

Breathe deeply

Meditate for a few minutes

Clear your mind

Visualize what you want to remove


That power the Spell Cast against you living within the Candles flame

Keep yourself focused

You will need to be patientThis will take up some of your time

To reverse all that negative energy held within the Spell

Bringing in to you a renewed Spiritual foundation

Take the Salt and with it pour a Salt ring around the Bowl

Leave the Candle burning

Feel a release
Binding unbound
Freedom of your Soul

As the Candle burns down which will take time it will begin to sputter in the Rain Water

Let it be

Watch the flame as it begins to be extinguished by the Water


Once the Black Candle finally goes out on its own the Spell is brokenIf by some out of the ordinary chance the Candle goes out by other means such as the


It is a sign that the Spell you are trying to break is extremely potent

In this case you will need to start over with a fresh new Black Candle a different Black Bowl with replaced Rain Water and Salt and make sure your thoughts and will power are directed accordingly

You may have even for a moment thought about something other then reversing the Spell

In any event…

If the Spell went as planned

The Candle flame is extinguished

Sweep the Salt into the Bowl of Water along with the Candle

Take all of it outdoors and bury it 9 inches into the ground

Cover it over with the dirt very well patting it down
This Spell works by absorbing all negative energies through the Black Candle flame and Salt that are blocking your Spiritual path

And allowing positive forces to open up with the Rain Water that you captured from the Heavens above

To cleanse and purify all of your Senses

Once the Spell is broken you will notice the difference in yourself straight away 💜


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