Periwinkle the Magical Purple Healer


Gold 4 Ink

Periwinkle is one of those plants that are pretty as flowers and taste great in teas. They grow wild in many backyards, such as my former North Carolina yard. I had a neighbor named Mason, when I was 14, who would spend his summer days gardening. Our backyards were next to each other, so naturally we became friends. I was busy tending to some variety pepper plants I had just pruned, when Mason broke his shyness and came over to explore my yard, we found these pretty purple flowers under the oak tree everywhere. “Those are periwinkles,” Mason informed me. He pinched a leaf in two and handed it to me. “Here, taste it,” he said encouragingly.

I imagine, I was a little hesitant to eat some random plant a 12 year old was saying wasn’t poisonous – but I did so anyway. The taste can be best described as…

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