She was spawn from the Froth of the Ocean Waters to bring to the Mortals on Earth


These energies every Woman should capture for HerSelf

When we are “Acting Out” our inner Venus we begin to compromise

Become loving

Make peace

Bring out our Artistic tastes

Desire pleasure


On the other side of “Acting Out” our inner Venus we can become

Self indulgent

Self centered



ConcededAnd there is not a thing wrong about being self centered it’s how you present it in a room full of people

Walking proud with your head held high

Being self centered leads to confidence in oneself

And I just adore being self centered because after all I should always put myself first for everything I am starts from within

Venus rules over our sentiments what we value and the pleasure we take in life

What makes us happy

Who makes us happy

And how we approach relationships of the heart whether we have found

True love in the beauty of this relationship

Or have finally come to the decision that relationship must go it must be broken off so in our conquest of seeking the balance we desire in life that we derive from our inner Venus can be fully processed into our own self loveWe also turn to Venus to show us how to spend our money

The types of gifts we buy

And how much to spend on leisure activities

Venus rules our attachments to others

She rules attractiveness both in the ability to attract and the ability to be attracted upon!

Not only to people but also material thingsVenus energy is harmonious

She shows us we need to appreciate

Take a closer look at the Goddess Venus study her a bit she will bring out in you your spirit over matter

You will begin to realize and therefore evaluate your sensations in life

As well as your feelings and experiences

As opposed to just thinking rational thoughts

Sensuality and Comfort can enter your life with just a touch of Venus energyFind out what makes you tick

Only you can learn that so you can in turn tell others who you are and what you want

Venus one of


Let your beautifying process begin and why not start today?

Open your heart to “your” pleasure

Your soul to love

Become a body of beauty

A mind of desire

…and a spiritual being of sensuality ❤


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