Besoms & Brooms


Iceni Woman

Besoms and broomsticks. I love them; their iconic, symbolic nature shrouded in age old belief and superstition. Those seemingly ordinary, everyday household items tucked away in a cupboard somewhere. Something that most of us posses. Yet, the archetypal image conjured up when thinking of a witch is the image of a witch riding upon a broom in a sky lit by the moon.

Besides being used to “take to the skies” what is it about this innocent bit of household paraphernalia that attracts so much folklore and superstition? Why has it become imbued with such magical associations? It is after all an exceedingly useful tool that does its job very well and yet, there remains a strong link between this household object and folklore tradition. If so drawn to, how then, can we use them as something more than simply to sweep the floors?

It’s design may be perceived as…

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