★~A Peaceful Night potion~★


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This is a quick spell for a night of peaceful and restful sleep, it’s great when you’re low on energy and don’t have time for a big spell!

~What you need:

★ 1 mug full of milk (or milk substitute) – happiness

★ 1 tsp dried food grade rose petals – calm, happiness

★ 1 tsp dried food grade lavender – calm, sleep

★ Desired amount of honey or sugar – happiness

★ (Optional) Rose quartz and/or amethyst – calm, happiness and sleep
~What to do:

★ Add milk, rose petals and lavender to a saucepan and bring to the boil

★ Once boiling take off the heat and pour into your mug

★ Add your honey or sugar if you’re using it and stir clockwise to fill the mug with your intent

★ If using crystals, keep them next to you or on your lap while you drink your…

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