How to Burn Incense


IMG_6651.PNGBurning incense is considered one of the oldest ways to perfume a space or a person. In fact, the word perfume comes from the Latin expression per fumum ‘through smoke’, a method that originated as a sacred activity, reserved for worshipping spirits or performing magical rites. As we stated in this article, we are nowadays used to employing incense as a way to make a place smell pleasantly, really far from its original intention, but the ritual of incense burning is slowly regaining its well deserved throne as one of the most powerful spiritual and magical practices at hand.

The tools of incense burning

There are lots of tools to burn incense (tweezers, costly incense burners, thuribles, etc.), and almost none of them are actually necessary to carry out a successful ritual of perfuming through incense. In fact, we only need a surface to burn the mixture -which can easily be replaced by a piece…

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