Mental Illness and Witchcraft Series: Teas


eclectic witchcraft

I’d like to start this series (and probably every post in it) by saying that nothing is a cure-all for any mental illness. No amount of tea or meditation will help if proper, official medical advice is not followed as well.

However, as someone who has suffered from anxiety and depression for a number of years I have found that the following has helped, even if it has simply been a placebo effect.

Many symptoms of mental illnesses manifest in a physical way and to counteract this I’ve often turned to herbal teas and tisanes to relieve them. They include,

Hyperventilating: Honey Lemon
Stomach Pains: Peppermint
Dizziness: Chamomile
Insomnia: Chamomile or Rose
Lethargy: Ginger Lemon
Shaking: Chai
Headache: Passionflower

In my personal experience having a warm cup of one of these herbal teas has gone a long way I helping to calm me down and release the tension I may…

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