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grimoiresMany moons ago I announced there would be no more posts on this blog. Granted, WP is a wonderful resource for people for whom writing is an essential part of life. The issue for me is that WP is not a WYSIWYG platform. Click and drop, resizing handles, and ‘technobabble for dummies’ is more my speed. The abundance of WP plugins, secret passageways, and obscure handshakes that are second-nature to folks “in the know,” fry my mental circuitry and leave my brain sputtering like a charred grilled cheese sandwich! Enter Wix.com. All of my sites are hosted there.  For that half of our species that thinks a ‘plugin’ is a toaster or a table lamp, a WYSIWYG editor feels like “home.”

While my Wix-based site is cute as a button, it lacks the truly impressive interconnected community of bloggers WordPress has. Wix is simply not set up that way. Since I…

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