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The pink candle in this Forgiveness Spell stands for unconditional love. The blue candle stands for peace and forgiveness.  To make the spell more powerfully you can put a picture of the two of you together in front of the two candles to enhance it’s impact.

The Forgiveness Spell can be used for lovers, friends, family members, or business collegues. It has its roots in the Obeah religion and is not only 100% safe but also highly effective. It will heal and remove any obstacles and pain between you and the other person, leading to harmony and forgiveness.

The Lily-of-the-Valley oil stands for peace and love that can manifest even if the situation seems so bad that it can never ever be healed.

Ingredients for the Forgiveness Spell

  • One pink candle
  • One blue candle
  • Lighter
  • Lily of the Valley oil

How to Cast the Obeah Forgiveness Spell

Anoint both candles…

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6 Responses to Happy Home Spell

  1. chris jensen says:

    Passing on more of your secrets ladies…

  2. chris jensen says:

    And darling, by catching in my read, has changed my whole attitude of the moment, from being angry to now being open minded..

    dark kiss within your evening walk, flowing whisper of laughter hidden throughout the night..

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