Nails have been taken from a coffin and then used in a magickal evil spell so to be more powerful than using

New Nails

The means behind this is whatever caused the death of the person from which the nail has been taken will transfer itself by contagious magick and cause harm to another when stuck into a symbolic image of one’s enemy

Any Black Arts Spell will gain potency when the coffin nails are used in place of


Evil to Evil one
May his/her mind suffer much
Let this coffin nail be a sign
To him/her I disdain to touch

Carry a coffin nail in your pocket to protect yourself from all dangers so no one can successfully perform any vengeful spell against youFeel evil forces at work against you then take 1 coffin nail and always leave it soaking in a jar of bath oil then while you are running the hot water in the tub toss the coffin nail into the running water in the tub after the tub is full take out the coffin nail and soak yourself in the tub for around 19 minutes

The evil forces will be washed away and down the drain

Place the coffin nail back into the bath oil for re-use when you feel something heavy has been placed upon youObjectives in WitchCraft are more easily achieved if the victim either consciously or unconsciously believes in the power of the Sorcery

For WitchCraft is not simply superstitious nonsense but rather it is mental therapy reversed with the added ingredients of

BeliefThe most forceful of all magickal hexing elements

Graveyard Dirt

It is used for both good and evil

Graveyard Dirt is taken from specific graves considering whom is buried in that grave

Witch etc

And spells are performed and accomplished with the characteristics and attributes of the deceased graveyard dirt

FERTILITY: to become fruitful or youthful mix a bit of graveyard dirt from a baby’s grave with any red incense and burn it nightly

TROUBLE AWAY: a spoonful of graveyard dirt from a lawyer’s grave mixed with some clay roll it into a shape such as a


Any shape will do

Write your problem or trouble which is bothering you on the clay

Bury it on a dark night and before the next full moon

Soon your trouble will be gone

HEX BOX: light 1 black candle and in a small box place

3 thorns
3 pinches of graveyard dirt from a witch’s grave

1 dead insect
1 picture of the victim you wish to hex

Cover the box and seal it shut with melted black wax from the black candle

By night place the box close to the victims home and leave it there

The objects combined with the picture and location of the box shall in time transmit the hexBefore undertaking any Spell of Black Magick…think…seriously of the fact that any results obtained from the use of this Spell is the sole responsibility of the Sorcerer

It is a

Unusual Practice

Finding oneself walking around in the Cemetery late at night


Has truly become the great unknown and therefore for some of us has both


…so in turn it brings the Witchery into progress!

And remember when you are finished with your adventure and ready to leave the Cemetery to always walk out the gates backwards keep your eyes forward be alert and don’t turn your back to the graves so no unwanted Spirits or whatever might be lurking about late at night follows you homeTHE END


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