What Is The Difference? Magick Or Magic


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It’s quite common today to find varied spellings for “magic”. But have you ever wondered why? Of course, you might think of it, in the same way, there’s a variation of the word ‘color’. In places like Europe and England, they spell ‘color’ as c-o-l-o-u-r. To distinguish between the American spelling and the Euro-English spelling. However, it’s the same thing no matter which way you slice it. Magick is ways of connecting the practitioner with Divinity as well as with the earth itself.


Most people consider magic to be anything from David Copperfield to Witchcraft spells. That is not the case. Any practitioner of witchcraft or occult studies will frown upon it – just like calling a male Wiccan a Warlock. Magic is an illusion and can be better phrased ‘stage magic’. Pulling a quarter from a child’s ear is magic. Sticking swords through a lady in a box…

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  1. I guess I always figured it was like taking ownership of the concept.

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