How To Make Your Own Magickal Tradition


Humanity has a raging love affair with traditions. There are traditions for EVERY area of life; cultural, political, religious, social, family, and even personal. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about the 21st century or 1st-century society. Traditions are an integral part of EVERY culture EVERYWHERE.

Because traditions are a ubiquitous part of life on this little blue marble we call earth, it is hardly a surprise that the mystically inclined among us place a large stock in magickal traditions. To say that there are many magickal traditions and methodologies doesn’t give an accurate idea of the true number or wide diversity available to someone in search of the “right” one for them.

In my research, I discovered quite a few magickal traditions I had never heard of before. What follows is a TINY sampling of lesser known traditions you may enjoy learning about.

A Sampling of Magickal Tradition From Around The World

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