Healing Ritual For Giving And Receiving Positive Energy: Epidote


Good Witches Homestead

Epidote healing crystals can bring your intentions and desires into your life with ease. The emphasis of this crystal is on how we give positive energy to the world around us and how we receive that energy back. It is through this giving and receiving that we can manifest our dreams and wishes easier and be surrounded by more positive energy. Epidote healing allows us to see that what we are giving out to the world around us is what we will receive in return.

Whether you’re looking for love, prosperity or protection from negative energy, the energy you put forth into the universe highly impacts the energy you receive back. In order to be more prosperous or to stop experiencing negativity from others, you have to put the energy of generosity or compassion into the world. Often times when people are stuck in a career they don’t like or…

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