I had to walk away oh not to make others realize how worthy I was

But for me to understand and acknowledge my own self worth

I had to learn that one keeps going long after you think you cannotIf I could not walk far and fast I think I should just explode and perish

~ CHARLES DICKINS ~So I walked to a place that gave me a reason to smile

It made me feel rich counting all the gifts I have that money just can’t buy

I thought that my life didn’t seem to be the way I wanted it to be

I was living in it the best way I knew how

There is no perfect life they keep telling me and suggested that I fill it with some perfect memories and keep smiling along my wayToday is your day your off to great places your off and away

~ DR SEUSS ~So I shook off the fear to make the decision that it is ok to give myself everything I have ever wanted in life

It became my guilty pleasure

During my walk I could feel the scent of the summer that was still with me a blush of color all around the warmth from the sky filled my spirit

Something told me to close my eyes so I did quite tightly at that and then I began to see with my heart what my eyes never sawIn my afternoon walk I would forget all my morning occupations and my obligations to society

~ HENRY DAVID THOREAU ~It seems the world around me sometimes changes my smile

As each of my moments lie within my hands

Those ordinary earthly riches can be stolen the real riches in life cannot

The infinitely precious things that live in my soul cannot ever be taken from me

I guess if life was to be so easy where would all the adventure be

Perhaps I should

Live for today
Let go of what was
Look forward to tomorrow

Wake up determined
Be happy all day
Go to bed satisfied


Should I just give in and surrender to what is to be ❤


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