Together we can achieve our finest work

We talked
We shared
We laughed

And through that we all felt an incredible bolt of energy flow within us

Yes…we began to learn that we had a greater ability as a group

Combining our


Into accomplishing much more success in the Spells we perform turning our individual powers into a whole like an Aura of Energy

Strong kinship formed
Harmony found with each other
Strength and Confidence developedAs we had come to realize we could not have reached that peak alone

Some ask…

Why is the practice so secret

Because it touches those things that are deep within us

Things we are normally afraid to bring out of ourselves and therefore kept carefully concealed away

Joining hands we can send this energy out into the Universe to return back to Earth more powerfully then before

All this while we explore our collective powers

Our intention for the most part is highly positive as there are times though the need comes about to stray into the dark unknown

Letting go unencumbered

Being who we truly love to beAnd for the time being releasing any mortal attachments

Then at this time for us anyway Nature is in balance

It has become known as the Magick of Time

We can bolt through life like a deer silently watch like a fox or attack swiftly like a wolf

The Ritual begins upon the match strike that lights the first candle

Each of us anointed with the ever sweet Jasmine Oil that will blend and bind our friendship

Spells begin to spin

Spirits start to stir

As the Hourglass Sands reminds us it is time to summon some Magick 💚WITCHES PASSWORD
!#⊙¿&#?%¥§¤$℉…go figure 💋


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  1. chris jensen says:

    i trust you’ve been for your evening walk..

    i also trust that the cool evening air, washed your soul an mind, bringing you closer to nature..

    tis kiss from chris

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Yes…I did go for my evening walk last night only to find the night air sticky with humidity and filled with bugs…yuk 🐜🐜🐜not a fan of the bugs

      Especially when they fly in my hair or on my skin…yuk…yuk…yuk 😎

  2. chris jensen says:

    As we await morning coffee…


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