Sacred Bowl Blessings: Smudging


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The practice of burning herbs, resin, or incense has been used by many cultures around the world since ancestral times as part of spiritual and healing traditions to purify mind, body, and spirit. The smoke from burning sacred plants binds with the stagnant or negative energy of people, places, and objects and carries that energy to a place where it can be regenerated and returned to the cycle as a beneficial force.

Smudging has become an important part of how I move into sacred space, the familiar smell of burning sage or copal wakes up deep cellular memory, helping me drop into ritual space, bringing my spirit back into my body, into the moment, stilling my mind as I shed the concerns of the day to focus on the work to come.

Whether you’re on your own, preparing for a healing session, or gathering as a circle, smudging can help…

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