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Moon Magic

Originally posted on The Darkling Woods:
I think it is beautiful how the moon glows using the suns light and the sun never asks for anything in return Amanda Katherine Ricketson The moon. Its energy waxes and wanes through its…

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Potion of Power Spell

Originally posted on Growing Up Psychic:
This potion is used to increase your own magical energy and your abilities. This potion is not meant to be consumed, but can be tweaked if that is what you wish. Some ingredients, such…

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Creating Your Own Book Of Shadows

Originally posted on The Witches Gossip Corner:
As with all spiritual texts, there is a large debate about where and how a book of shadows came into use. Some say they were prevalent during the Middle Ages, written only in…

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Originally posted on Good Witches Homestead:
The color of amazonite aligns to the heart and throat chakras. It is a calming stone that helps to balance and stabilize the nervous system. Communication, memory, and brain functions are all enhanced by…

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Trump Rocks A Packed House at WV Rally

Originally posted on saboteur365:
https://twitter.com/American1765/status/893265863998144512 https://twitter.com/ChristiChat/status/893261990541512704 https://twitter.com/LeahR77/status/893257920221110272 Excerpt from Breitbart President Trump gave a full-throated populist speech at a packed rally in West Virginia Thursday, where he took aim at both Republican and Democratic lawmakers for their failures on everything…

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