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  1. chris jensen says:

    Good morning trusting lov!

    As coffee gone down, rather well this morning,
    a full moon, an in aquarius..

    How about e-mailing me at crjen@live.com

    Some private discussion…

    Tis a passion potion kiss, i leave you…

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      6pmish here on the East Coast of USA

      A very welcoming Friday 👏👏👏

      So my dear friend is preparing a Friday Night Fish Fry…yum…😋

      I’m chipping in dessert

      Carrot Cake

      • chris jensen says:


        Sound grand!

        Answering @ 7:47pm here on the west coast…

        i had sable fish, potato’s, onion’s carrot, then melted cream cheese… All while sitting in the park.. But i couldn’t see the Lion Peaks, because of the forest-fire smoke..

        The weekend is here, one more night of fireworks tomorrow night…

        All the best at your dinner party, all while entering your weekend..

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