Creating Your Own Book Of Shadows


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As with all spiritual texts, there is a large debate about where and how a book of shadows came into use. Some say they were prevalent during the Middle Ages, written only in Runic alphabets to hide their magickal meanings. Some say the witches during the Middle Ages were illiterate and the books of shadow did not come into practice until the 14th or 15th centuries. Even then, Runic alphabets were used to protect the owner from persecution and death if it were found by a witch hunter.

Regardless of where they started, they’ve had just as many varying names. The Golden Grimoire is one of the more famous mythological versions of a book of shadows. It’s said to be the Book of Shadows of Merlin the Magician himself.

The Great Grimoire is another legendary book of shadow, reportedly it contains the spells and incantations of the world’s first witch…

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3 Responses to Creating Your Own Book Of Shadows

  1. chris jensen says:

    Darling, in the depths of magick,

    one doesn’t need,


    True Magick is only a Thought… With the Breath of Power!

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Without a Book…

      Where would I write 📚📚📚

      • chris jensen says:

        That’s your thing, an i lov
        you for it..

        i received my untrained magick for a creature named “So” whom had many human names….

        After two years of searching he’s choose the delusion child… i was eleven years old… Then lucked away a metaphoric key.. Which did waken until my daughter was in trouble some years back…

        Tis a little history, of chris jensen…

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