Moon Magic


The Darkling Woods

I think it is beautiful

how the moon glows

using the suns light

and the sun never

asks for anything in return

Amanda Katherine Ricketson

The moon. Its energy waxes and wanes through its 28 day cycle. It influences the tides and many earth cycles. Magicians have tapped into the power of the moon  for centuries using its natural energy to increase their own.  The modern practitioner can use the moon in much the same way.  An easy way to start is to work magic during specific lunar phases.  Some lunar correspondences are as follows:

Dark Moon: No moon can be seen from earth.  Traditionally a time for rest and introspection. Good time for those spells for peace and creativity.

New Moon:  Occurs the day after the dark moon.  Great time to start new projects or businesses.

Waxing Moon: Moon appears to be getting bigger in the…

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