…magick from the beach

FEATHERS: have many a message and many a use

They are spiritual like a gift from heaven from a deceased loved one trying to contact you or from an angel with a heavenly message sent your way

Feathers are used for contact with someone to receive or send a message from

In safety of travel

One single feather contains the power of the universe which you can open up to yourself if you learn how to invoke and release its flightDRIFTWOOD: infused with the salt of the ocean and dried by the sun

It is eternal

Lasting long a spell with you

Objects are made out of driftwood then decorated with


Some objects are made small enough to be carried upon a person to good effect

Spells are performed with driftwood on halloween then tossed in the fire

Driftwood can become a barrier between relationships of those in the present and the ones we left in the pastTRINKETS: made into

Inscriptions of Power

…often kept in secrecySHELLS: when you find a shell on the beach pick it up and brush off the sand

On the inside of the shell write down in one word your


Hold the shell between the palms of your hands tightly and think about what you just wrote down

Then with all your might throw the shell back into the ocean as far as you can

The surf will take along with the shell your intent and soon to grant it to you washed upon the shoreSEAWEED: is a very good protection tool in magick just as the little fish hide out within the seaweed for protection against the bigger fish that would ravish them

On the beach pick up the longest pieces of seaweed you can find and very gently wrap them up to bring it home

Once home find a place outside your house by the front door or backyard anywhere outside is fine and form the seaweed into a pentagram on the ground

Leave it there…

It will bring protection to you and your home from those who would prey upon you

Next trip to the beach take along with you a small clear glass jar with a tight fitting lid gather up some seaweed and then fill the jar with the salty ocean water lid it place this jar at home or your place of work for it shall bear all it surrounds with

Safety from HarmSAMI my dog within her bounds catching the magick of the waves! ❤


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2 Responses to …magick from the beach

  1. How wonderful that you live near the beach and first glimpse of gorgeous Sami❤️ I think it would be worth the trip to the beach just to collect the amazing objects left for us as gifts. Have an amazing Sunday❤️💕

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