Would her spells bring harm to anyone?

Indeed…they shall if she chooses to

But along with that her spells could also bring to us such poetry and magick with joy and a sense of celebration

There was a very high activity of spirit in the air

Her day to day practice of the magickal arts inspired and enlightened her

Hands that created objects of charms bound from earthly substance

Brews and Potions
Oils and Candles
Charms and Amulets

Pleased and Served her imaginationThis art of hers benefited both the mind and the body as she placed a handful of fresh herbs into her cauldron allowing them to steep 13 minutes by hourglass

PARSLEY: against pallor and frailty
SAGE: against melancholy distress of the mind
ROSEMARY: to soothe the nerves


She anointed a gold candle with the oil of


The candle she then set to flame

Opening a small box she did to remove from it a large dead bug found along the way and preserved in the box for when she might have need for it

Well…that time has come

In the candle flame she set the dead bug afire and watched it burn in the metal bowl she placed it in and said…

dead thing olde and dried
no hag skin be set aside

transform me to golden fire
new young fine and fair is my desire

In the ashes of the dead bug she poured 3 drops of jasmine oil

Tipped the candle to drip wax onto the bug to equal a spoonful or so

Then she let it coolShe scraped it all together with her fingers to form into a ball

Wrapping it gently in the finest of silk and kept it in a drawer near the mirror where her face was most often reflected

Each time henceforth when she looked into this mirror she repeated the words of the incantation slowly

Afterwards she closed her eyes for a dozen seconds before she looked at her reflection once again

…and in that moment the scent of the beautiful jasmine had passed before her very eyes

This spell is to be started any day or night of a Full Moon Week to keep

All of Yourself

As well as
Your Heart

Your Spirit



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