Ozark Encyclopedia – A – Angelica


Mountain Man Traditional Healing

American Angelica, Purplestem Angelica – Angelica atropurpurea

Parts used: root

Traditional uses: Tonic of roots taken for obstructed menses, colds, fever, ague, and for flatulent colics. Roots used as gargle for sore throat.

“AMERICAN ANGELICA or Masterwort (A. atropurpurea, Linn.), also used in herbal medicine in North America, grows throughout the eastern United States. The root has a strong odour and a warm aromatic taste. The juice of the fresh root is acrid and said to be poisonous, but the acridity is dissipated by drying.” ~Grieve MH

Chewing angelica root for stomach troubles – “Many hillfolk chew angelica root, which is another famous stomach remedy, supposed to cure everything from gastric ulcers to appendicitis…” ~Randolph OMF 95

“Many hillfolks chew the root of the angelica for it is a well known remedy for stomach trouble.” ~Rayburn OFE A-4 “Angelica”

Grieve, Margaret A Modern Herbal (MH)

Randolph, Vance Ozark…

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