How to Enchant an Item


Growing Up Psychic

People enchant items for many reasons, such as using it to aid in them for spells or rituals, aid when their energy is low (such as after a ritual or when they are sick), or even as a gift. You can enchant your item to be like a “magnet” for good luck, or even link it to your own ability and give it to someone as a gift. For example, if you have the ability to sense danger and you enchant the item of your choice and give it to a friend, this friend may be able to sense danger themselves (though, if they think something bad is going to happen and assume it’s nothing, that’s up to them). Of course, that is until the energy runs dampens.

All you need is your item and things to charge your item (such as herbs, crystals, or just moonlight)

Once you have…

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