When you are faced with a special problem or a difficult decision to make

And you need to gain insight which is necessary for you to overcome all obstacles in your way as you travel down the path of life

The decision making times we find ourselves in every now and then

Experience this…


1 black votive candle
1 white votive candle

Make sure the candles are the same size and shape measure them up next to each other before you begin

5 pinches pine incense
5 pinches sea salt
5 pinches dirt from where or near where you live

Blend the pinches together

Place them in a bowl or censor and light them up to burn and smokeEmploy its smoke to gain your objective

Breath it
Feel it
Capture it

Think about that decision you have in mind

Let this experience be a pleasant one


Allow the ritual to guide you to the direction you are searching for

Set the candles in holders or dishes and light them both at the same time

The black candle will absorb negativity you hold in your body as the white candle will cleanse and clear your thoughts of mind
SAY 9x

should I should I not
do it now do it not
if it is to be let it be
untie the knot of mind for me
It is essential…

By the one who recites the words that the incense and candles combined with the goal prescribed in the ritual you are performing can change your circumstances

It can bring to you many rewards and solve problems

And basically can make miracles in the lives of those who believe in the wondrous powers of magick!Let the incense burn itself out

But keep a close eye on the candles

For the candle that burns out down to its wick first is an answer for you to consider

WHITE: yes

There is always a magickal procedure for that as long as you are a believer in the tremendous force of faith power

A ritual can help you attain all the things you want in life

And assist in ridding oneself of those unfortunate situations we all find ourselves in from time to time ❤


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