Many describe the Mandrake Root as resembling the human shape of the Male and of the Female and in some cases certain body parts

Using the Mandrake Root will exercise control over the body

The Mandrake Root is most unearthed on Halloween

With the Olde Witches Tale that the Root would scream and bring bad luck to anyone who uproot it from the earth from those who would hunt for the Root in the woods

This came about to keep the greedy hands of illicit vendors and common folk away from it…and the rumor seemed to work out beautifullyThe Mandrake Root is handled with caution some wearing gardening gloves or rubber gloves when using it

Mandrake is Toxic

The Root contains narcotics and hallucinogenic alkaloids

Ingesting large doses can cause delirium and madness

It has a few nic names

Hand of Glory
Devil’s Testicles
Satan’s Apple

…and it is shrouded in mystery and lore

The Sorcerer draws knowledge from this Root Plant with all its powerful magickal abilities

As she exchanges 3 drops of her blood for a few drops of the plants green blood

The Mandrake Root is hung about somewhere outside the home for protection warding off evil spirits or evil spells cast upon someone as counter magick

And hung in a place of business for

Good Luck
PowerAdds power to any SpellWork

Used in

Witches Flying Ointment
Moon Water

Dig up 2 Mandrake Roots on a Friday the day of love at dawn when the Moon is waxing

Whittle the Roots into the figures of the 2 people the Love Spell is for

While holding the Root in your left hand carve the names of those people on the back of the Roots

Attach to each Root a small piece of cord or sting to hang and dry the Roots out upon their worship of the glorious SunLeave them there until the next New Moon

Upon that night burn some Venus Incense and light 2 red candles

moon above so pale in shine
bestow this night my love devine
on my prayer and spell to plea
fill his/her heart with love for me

Then pierce the Roots hearts with a silver pin

Leave the Roots to hang in place til the next Full Moon

this root is scorched by the sun of heat
which warms the heart with every beat

On that evening of the very next Full Moon take the Roots down and bind them together with red cord face to face like they are kissing

Wrap them together in a fine red silk cloth and seal them in the same box

Keep them in secret hiding


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11 Responses to MANDRAKE ROOT

  1. Nicki Ki says:

    Wow! That’s really awesome. Thanks for sharing

  2. Really interesting loved story about Mandrake Root

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Thank✴You…have a Great Evening

      • Thankyou for always keeping up and spreading the word really appreciate it ….I am so often busy for hrs after work retweeting and sharing high risk dogs and cats on Twitter and Facebook to get them out of shelters before they are euthanized…A #PROMISE2MYBEEZ so each day I try to post few things on my blog and then on to Twitter facebook to help the abandoned. Thank you for your continued readership

  3. bunkerville says:

    Interesting… never heard of it before….have a great Sunday! xxooxx

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