Animal Totem: Spirit of Coyote


Good Witches Homestead


Role: Trickster

Lesson: Trust & Seeing through Illusion

Element: Fire/Air

Wind: South Recalling the Child Within

Medicine: Shapeshifting

 Wisdom & Folly. Guile & Innocence. Stealth. Ability to Laugh at one’s Self. Hidden Lessons. Intelligence. Childlike Trust. Song of Life. Trickster. Shapeshifting. Teaching the Importance of Fun & Play.

A cry fills the night the haunting sound, a familiar one. Carried upon the ribbons of moonlight, a song that has been heard for centuries, never changing, yet heralding change.Generations & tribes of two-leggeds have long since come and gone and always, across shifting times and People Coyote’s song lingers on … .the melody often strong in our ears, in other moments, but a distant echo we vaguely hear.He sings to us of Family and the sacred bond of love.Coyote asks of us to expand our hearts beyond blood ties to include all the Peoplehuman, winged, four-legged, finned, as…

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