I found Him lurking outside

As I couldn’t figure out why at first

But for some reason I want to be around Him

Wanting to wander off from outside my own traditional workings

So I began to experiment…

There was His shadow shape-shifting through the Night of the Dark Moon

It seemed the Ritual I had scripted started to no longer make any sense some parts of it had just vanished from my memory blocking out all else from my mindThat part of Him still laid hidden

What could await me?

I was aware of His presence

A presence so strong it took up half the space in my mind

It was hard to define exactly what the feeling consisted of

And I couldn’t be sure I would feel quite the same tomorrow

His force field slowly weakened me further away from what I knew first

Flirting with the possibility of being so very attracted to Him

Like a vicarious thrill to redeem a prize I just wonThere was no Silver Lining only shades of black creeping through the velvet night sky

The Darkness of the Night was something I decided to immerse myself in

He was hauntingly charming and that created an air of mystery about Him

I wasn’t certain on just how much of my own mystique I should dispel to Him

As I do work in “mysterious ways” I listened to my instinct and remained silent

In the numbness I began to feel that He had become a guest in my body

Drawing from His energy

I chose to embrace the night

…as I will never look out upon the darkness the same way ever again…♠


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4 Responses to DARK MOON MAN

  1. I really like this. ❤

    A very poetically written prose with a delightful touch of classic Film Noir quality to it.

  2. Scarlet says:

    I love this ❤ And the photos tied so well into it. Almost like watching a movie.

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