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Watch “[HQ/HD] Loreena McKennitt – The Book Of Secrets – 1997 – Full Album” on YouTube


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Watch “The Witchcraft Song Collection – Chants, rites, spells, dance songs” on YouTube

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Understanding the Death Card in Tarot

Originally posted on Moody Moons:
Few cards in the tarot stir a sense of primal fear like the Death card.  Many people refuse to touch a deck out of terror they might draw it. But for the experienced reader, this…

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Crystals For Anxiety

Originally posted on WILD SOUL CRYSTALS:
What exactly is anxiety? Anxiety is a normal response to stress or danger and is often called the ‘flight or fight’ response. This process involves adrenalin being quickly pumped through the body enabling it…

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Part 4: How do you use Crystals?

Originally posted on Magick and Wonder:
“A carefully placed crystal can magically transform its surrounding.” – Judy Hall There are so many different uses for crystals. You can wear them as jewelry, put them around your house, meditate with them,…

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Watch “Roman Catholic Chant – Crusades” on YouTube

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Watch “Waxing Moon – Llewellyn (Moon Spells)” on YouTube

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