Pine Cones and Pine Needles are used to Bring and Gain Prosperity

Bring a Bag along with You and Gather upon the Ground those Pine Cones and Pine Needles that have Fallen off the Trees


To draw success and money to your place of business gather up the Pine Cones and bundle them together attaching them with Green Cord or String

Then hang the Pine Cone bundle outside by the front door of your businessPERSONAL WEALTH

Gather 19 Pine Cones

Then in the Evening go outdoors place the Pine Cones within a Witches Circle of a 9ft circumference while standing within the Center of the Circle

Bring along with you 1 Cinnamon Scented Candle in a Holder

While standing in the Center of the Circle place your


Into each and every Pine Cone

Then 1by1 starting at the North side of the Circle begin to light each Pine Cone

Bring your intentions into the lighting of each

Then light the Candle

Focus so hard and deep on what you want til you can feel it running through your veins

Once each Pine Cones flames go out kick a bit of dirt or snow on each to cover them

We always hide our evidence!

Leave the Circle and let the light of the Cinnamon Candle guide your way back homePINE NEEDLES

Very powerful Witch Magick to draw a Friendship towards you

Mix together

Handful Pine Needles
13 Cloves
3 Whole Walnuts

In a Pouch made of Natural Burlap

Tie it securely at top

Hang it secretly by the home of the one you want to befriendTO REMOVE NEGATIVE VIBES

Draw a Hot Bath

Place in the Bath a healthy handful of Pine Needles while the Tub is filling up this will allow them to soften up before you get in

Let the Pine Needles float freely in the Water

It is well known that Pine Needles are called the “Sweetest of the Woods”

Their Magick is used in Purifying the

Your Body

From the Negative Vibes people leave behind after they have entered in

Once the Tub is full add

9 drops gardenia oil

Then soak in the Tubs Water

Relax let your mind go blank!

Once finished begin to drain the Tub capturing the Pine Needles in a piece of Cloth

As the Pine Needles have absorbed the Negative Vibes it is recommended that you toss those Pine Needles to the Winter WindsDECORATIONS

Place around your Home in

Pots etc

Pine Cones

As you go about your daily routine it will keep the Home

and with much

…and remind you every time you look at them of all your Blessings


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