NEW YEAR’S EVE…money draw spell


This Spell is performed on New Year’s Eve just moments before the stroke of MidNight

Ahead of time prepare your Altar or Table (anywhere is fine) with a solid dark green cloth

Then just before MidNight quietly mysteriously and if need be without notice slip away…

On the green cloth place 1 green candle

You will also need a (prepare this ahead of time)

$1 dollar bill fresh and crisp as one can find

5 pieces of green construction paper cut to the size of paper money

In green ink write upon the face of each piece of paper a different dollar amount


Dress the papers to look like real money with hand sketching of the markings you see on real paper money

And you don’t have to be fancy about it do the best you can

It’s your intention that matters not your artistic ability!

On the back of each paper handwritten will be the name of the one this Spell is for (including yourself)Before the stroke of MidNight…

Light the green candle while you think about your money needs and wants

Keep focused

Don’t let your thoughts drift away onto something else (perhaps that MidNight kiss)

Close your eyes and visualize yourself surrounded by wealth

What would you like

What is the intention

How much do you want

How will it change your life

…and remember

Any Magickal Money you receive a portion of it must be donated to a worthy cause or to charity to help others otherwise that Magickal Money you receive will soon slip through your fingers and will be gone

As the $1 dollar bill lies flat on the Altar/Table

Place on top of it the paper that represents the $5

On top of that the $10

Then the $20 ~ $50 ~ $100

In a neat stack

Roll very tightly the bills all up together with the real $1 Bill on the outter side so you can see it


Let my pockets be deep and HEALTHY
This New Year for me becomes WEALTHY
Give me the knowledge to spend it WISETake one end of the rolled bills and put it into the flame of the green candle

Have handy a small metal bowl or dish

Once the bills have caught a blaze place the roll of bills into the metal bowl and watch it burn while you deeply focus on your money matters

Allow it to burn itself out into ash

Once the ash had cooled down store it away safely and secretly and upon the very next New Moon Night scatter the ash to the winds

The winds will carry it off into the Universe so your intention can be fulfilled

Snuff the green candle out store it away with the ash for now and relight that very same green candle on the Night of the next New Moon before you scatter the ash to the winds in which it will then burn itself out down to its wick

The Spell has now been sealed

…rejoin the night and if anyone asks you where you did you go?

Just tell them no where I was right here all the time!



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22 Responses to NEW YEAR’S EVE…money draw spell

  1. chris jensen says:

    Sunny dry day we’re have here on the west coast…

    i’m up a little late nonetheless, i had not slept for a few days..

    Just on my first!

    An you ladies are preparing for a spell?

  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    Well…we have the Sun but it is freezing cold outside

    I walked my dog earlier today and we could not wait to get back indoors

    A bit snowy and icy too

    Happy 🍾 New 🍾 Year’s 🍾 Eve

    πŸ’‹…save it for tonight’s stroke of midnight

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  4. 🍸Happy New Year 🍸 Jinx X Lots of Hugs & Love ❀️X 🍾

  5. hocuspocus13 says:


    πŸ’‹…save it for midnight 🍾

  6. theboldcorsicanflame says:

    Reblogged this on

    Wishing you a great Witch New year’s Eve πŸ™‚

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