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WALKING WITH MAGICKAL PROTECTION Witches live with certain magickal Signs Objects Symbols To act as a protection against all that just might harm them Guarding against Evil Spirits Enemies Curses etc As Witches have become to be known to carry … Continue reading

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Ways to work with crystals

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There are many different ways in order to use crystals in your practice, and by understanding these ways you will be able to empower your craft with the energies of the crystals that…

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Cleansing Your Crystals

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Crystals have the ability to hold and store energies emitted from those around it, whether it be positive or negative, because of this crystals need to be regularly cleansed. Cleansing your crystals helps rid them…

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Osha Root

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Osha Root is one of our favorite plants and one of the most important herbs to many Native American tribes.  The Native people regarded it with deep appreciation, respect and used it widely – so much…

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Stage-3 myeloma cancer completely ELIMINATED with a turmeric supplement – British Medical Journal

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For decades, the medical establishment has colluded with the for-profit cancer industry to smear anyone who talked about herbs, spices or superfoods fighting cancer. Food doesn’t contain […] Source: Stage-3 myeloma cancer completely ELIMINATED…

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