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a SPELL OF FAVOR You will need 9 different color candles in candle holders Any colors will do This Spell is to begin 9 nights before a New Moon Eastern Time the New Moon is Tuesday January 16 at 9:17pm … Continue reading

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Virgo Moon – Tea Magic

Originally posted on GypsyOre:
Tea is part of my daily spiritual practice✨☕️ • One of my favorite things to do is pick an herbal blend based on the season & the moon cycle for a cuppa tea! Tea is easily…

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Jupiter Conjunct Mars in Scorpio – The Expanding and Deepening of the Masculine

Originally posted on Know Your Vibes Astrology:
Jupiter and Mars join forces January 6th in the lovely and intense sign of Scorpio! Scorpio energy is the depths. It’s intense. It’s raw. It is something you feel to the bone. It’s…

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Hot Toddy to cure ails

Originally posted on Elisbet Lowe:
This time of year you want to make sure to have a cure for sniffles, fevers, anxiety, downright sadness and just because it is tasty. The Viking and I have both been ill with this…

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