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SPELLS Spells are nothing more then a simple procedure written down so you can follow each step without error Almost like the recipe of baking a cake Spells have proper steps to be taken and their sequence must be understood … Continue reading

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Luxurious Homemade Calendula-Infused Body Butter

Originally posted on Pathways and Potions:
I’ve been experimenting with different recipes for homemade natural body products, and I’ve concocted a body butter recipe that I’m especially proud of.¬† I gave away jars of it to friends and family, and…

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DIY Yarrow Tincture (And 5 Ways To Use It)

Originally posted on EarthBone Forest:
Original post-July¬†10th 2017… This past spring, I was excited to see a couple of yarrow plants growing next to my driveway. I’ve watched them as they’ve grown, budded, and unfurled their creamy white flowers, and…

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Working on Some Incense Formulations

Originally posted on *Ancient Awareness*:
…Based on European folk medicine & European shamanism…Because burning plant material is the original aromatherapy, and there’s much more to smudging and incense than cleansing space and meditation. It can help relieve physical, emotional, and…

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