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Bride to Fire: A Three-Part Wolf Moon Ritual for Imbolc

Originally posted on Witchery Press:
Blessed be those who tend these mid-Winter flames, who keep the embers alight by their sheer warrior’s will, and who will forever honor the darker days of our Craft when the miracles of warmer days…

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TO PROTECT YOUR CONDO OR APARTMENT BUILDING Have you ever walked into the front door of an apartment building and could just feel the very worst of auras that live within that building It just reeks of bad vibrations The … Continue reading

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Sun, Venus and Pluto Align January 2018

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Intuitive Astrology: Sun, Venus and Pluto Align January 2018 by Tanaaz January is such a busy month in the cosmos. In fact out of all the months this year, January stands out as being…

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Why Magick may not work

Originally posted on Eris Ilmirith:
You have read the spell, gathered all the ingredients, even memorised the words and the steps. You have watched for the proper time and day, even paid attention to the Planets positions. You have put…

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Charging an Object with your Own Power

Originally posted on Magick and Wonder:
Charging an Object What does that mean? Charging a tool or object (like crystals, altar items, jewelry, etc.) is a way of waking them up and filing them with positive energy or with the…

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Witchen Witchy Wednesday – Making Magickal Ink

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We chose to start off 2018 with our January WWW making magickal ink. Why magickal ink? Well, there are many uses for this lovely tool of communication! Among those uses might be to mark…

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