Have you ever walked into the front door of an apartment building and could just feel the very worst of auras that live within that building

It just reeks of bad vibrations

The retched bones of the past
The vile odor of yesterday
The trappings of a used today

So you decide that you’re not going to move into that place

And so you search and search til you wear yourself down to find a building that you feel you could actually live in

The hunting game has begun

But unfortunately no luck…

After you inspected that last joint on your list it was none the better that the five before it

The atmosphere was also just so terrible

Or for those apartment dwellers who when you did first move in months or years ago had a beautiful comfortable place with lots of positive energy floating around


That new person moved in took your comfort away and moved in with him was all his unwanted baggage of bad vibes…ahh yes that one

Well then…

Get yourself a Talisman of a HorseShoe

A real HorseShoe

Not some plastic reproduction of one

If need be go to a farm near the barn area your eyes just might light up to a discarded HorseShoe

Or asked someone at the farm for one

Just for your information the HorseShoe is an ancient good luck Talisman when used properly it will ward off any evil that might try to lurk into the door of your apartment

It has also been hung in places of business to bring in wealth and success

Its power is derived from the Moon

Now that you have acquired the HorseShoe take it home with you

In evening light one black candle which will absorb anything that is clinging to the HorseShoe from where it came from

Light some of your favorite fragrant incense and once the incense is burning and smoking very well take the Horseshoe in your hand and wave it through back and forth into the smoke of the incense

Keeping your thoughts on positive vibrations

Once this is finished nail the HorseShoe over your front door

You can hang it on the outside or inside

And make sure that the ends of the HorseShoe are pointing downward so the good vibes and good luck can be caught within it

…and she lived happily ever after 💜


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  1. chris jensen says:

    Reblogged this on crjen1958 and commented:
    Secrets from elegant witch…

  2. chris jensen says:

    May i dare say; that isn’t the night quarters?

    i’ll be damned…

    hugs & kisses darling…

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