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Elemental Metaphysical Correspondences

Originally posted on Wolf Of Antimony Occultism:
The energies of the elements have many different metaphysical correspondences that can be invoked through working with those elements. By bringing fire, water, air, and earth energies into certain situations you will be…

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Originally posted on Magick and Wonder:
ARTEMISIA VULGARIS FOLK NAMES:  Artemis Herb, Artemesia of Pontos, Felon herb, Naughty Man, Old Man, St. John’s Plant GENDER:  Feminine ELEMENT: Earth PLANET: VENUS DEITIES: Artemis, Diana Fun Fact: The name, Artemisia, refers to…

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Saturn in Capricorn

Originally posted on June Rose Astrology:
The planet Saturn entered its home sign of Capricorn on December 20th 2017, where it will remain for about three years. This ingress happened just days before the Capricorn solstice, the annual sun-stop that…

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