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Charm for Victory [Spell Saturday #20]

Originally posted on This Crooked Crown:
Sometimes you just need to win. Whether you’re at a sporting event or a court case or it’s just trivia night at the local bar or a big exam is coming up, victory is…

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Lunar Tinctures

Originally posted on EarthBone Forest:
Making your tinctures following the phases of the moon allows the powerful gravitational pull of the moon to draw out the properties in the plant and also adds a bit of ancient wisdom to your…

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Originally posted on Mystical Tales:
Quartz is one of the most common stones in the world. They are thought to be Divine reincarnations gifted to us from Mother Earth, and as such are imbued with vast healing properties. I personally…

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You will need: 1 white taper candle for each person 1 small pen knife or any carving tool you have 1 candle holder Patchouli Oil With the pen knife carve 2 lines down the length of the candle from the … Continue reading

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