You will need:

1 white taper candle for each person

1 small pen knife or any carving tool you have

1 candle holder

Patchouli Oil

With the pen knife carve 2 lines down the length of the candle from the top of the wick to the bottom end of the wick

Make these 2 lines on each side of the candle to leave space in between for more carving

On the bottom of the candle in between the lines carve a minus sign –

On the other space on the other side of the candle on the top carve a plus sign +

With the negative side or the minus side carve symbols and words to express your perceived faults

Things you would like to change about yourself…remove…banish

On the positive side the plus side carve the things you like about yourself…add…desire

Try to use every bit of space on the candle

Once your done gently rub the candle with some Patchouli Oil from the bottom of the candle up to the top

Place the candle in the holder

Think about grounding your life

Balancing your priorities

Relief from troubles

Then light the candle

As the wax melts envision any imbalances being weighed

Evened out

Let the candle burn out and down to its wick

Let the flame serve as a reminder that there is no perfection in this world

We all have faults

The force of life is to self discipline our own balance


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