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SORCERY DIRT We gathered together under the Coldness of a Dark Moon Night As we entered into the GraveYard we sprinkled a mixture of Mullein and Sumbul Which followed us with the aroma of a musky flavor much like the … Continue reading

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Dowsing With Your Pendulum


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Winter Blues ~ Healing Crystals

Originally posted on Paths I Walk:
By Tara Mideaker I never thought that it would happen to me.  I watched it happen to others and empathized with the urge to just give in to the cold, dark days that make…

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Originally posted on secretsoftheserpent:
The word incense comes from the Latin ‘ incendere’ meaning “to burn”. Incense has been found in every culture and civilization. Most of incense burning is done for religious purposes, but was also used for medicinal…

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