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SORCERY DIRT We gathered together under the Coldness of a Dark Moon Night As we entered into the GraveYard we sprinkled a mixture of Mullein and Sumbul Which followed us with the aroma of a musky flavor much like the … Continue reading

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New Moon Magick

Originally posted on The Witch of Walkerville:
The New Moon occurs right after the Dark Moon. It’s the point where the waning and waxing moon meet. A New Moon is the perfect time to set new goals and intentions. If…

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Dowsing With Your Pendulum

Originally posted on The Witches Gossip Corner:
Einstein’s famous equation, E = MC2, equates energy and matter. All living things are a mixture of energy and matter. Gravity holds matter together; there is a similar force that binds energies together,…

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How to Make a Spell Bag for Charmed Travels

Originally posted on Moody Moons:
Planning an adventure?  Or, perhaps you want to travel, but the thought of moving outside your comfort zone gets in the way of actually taking the steps to make it happen? Try this spell bag…

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New Moon in Capricorn

Originally posted on Weise Owl:
We’re winding down with the Moon as she prepares her hard launch in Capricorn on Monday, January 16th at 6:17 pm PST.  The lead up finds us looking inward as this 30th division of the…

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Card of the Day – Knight of Pentacles – Sunday, January 14, 2018

Originally posted on Tarot by Cecelia:
As if to reiterate the conservative approach which was brought to us by yesterday’s 4 of Pentacles, along comes our slow and steady Knight of Pentacles. This is probably the most routine guy in…

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Weekly Tarot Guidance for the week of January 15 through 21, 2018

Originally posted on Tarot by Cecelia:
This week there will be a New Moon in Capricorn, and if you count the Moon, that brings the total to six celestial bodies in this sign.? What do you hope to accomplish? Set…

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